Junius Heights Newletter for Jan/ Feb 2012

Here is my New Years wish to each of you, my dear neighbors: As we bid our adieu to 2011, and ring in 2012, may this New Year bring us, every one, prosperity, clarity, joys both grand and small, humour, compassion and grace. There is no better state of being than to embrace who we are, as individuals, and empower our best selves. There is no greater joy than to extend our best out to each other, out to the world and shine that light into everything we do. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Life Takes VISA – 2010 ended for me with a bang on my finances and my husband STILL looking for work. I was very happy I saved so much and very sad it is all gone now. ? Saving and living within ones means can really be a mortgage or car payment saver at times. All things are mutable in this life. So if you’ve hit a downswing, you can just as easily have an upswing around the corner. And nobody really wants to hear you complain anyway so why not plaster that smile on and enjoy the small joys you can indulge in each day; a cup of tea (or scotch) a book (some of us don’t have Kindle) take in a view, a comfy chair and chillax. If you happen to be on an upswing, kindly remember to support your CRIME WATCH. We rely on regularly donated funding to support off duty patrolling by senior police officers. Just do what you can.

The ONE BLOCK AT A TIME CAMPAIGN and how you can help!
Our distribution is limited to a few volunteers who have graciously agreed to pass out this newsletter, and anyone who happens to trust us with their email (no we don’t spam or share it). As we don’t have enough block captains to distribute to the entire neighborhood, many neighbors forget we are here. IF you are reading this, please talk to your neighbors and share this message. Additionally, if you would like to volunteer to pass the newsletter out on your block, email us please!

Who’s getting the newsletter today: Dumont and Dumas. 5200, 5300, 5400, 5500 Junius, 700 Parkmont, 5400, 5500 & 5600 Tremont, 5800 & 5900 Victor, Glendale and Huntley between Junius and Gaston, Beacon between Gaston and Junius and the homes on Junius between Beacon and Glendale, Library block on Worth St.

Who resides here? There are about 800 homes and businesses within the JH area. Less than 20% contribute currently.

Who IS JHCW? We are a nonprofit group made up of a handful of volunteers, concentrating our efforts to reduce crime, and raise awareness and safety. Our focus is on raising cash to fund off duty patrolling with officers who know our area, make arrests and drive out the bad element.

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