Junius Heights Crime Alerts

Crime Stats compiled from Police Reports
The 5400-5500 block of Columbia continues to be a hot spot for burglaries of vehicles.    There also have been several reported thefts of copper in the area.
Burglaries of Vehicles
April 8                   A lock was broken on a vehicle’s driver’s door and items inside were moved around but nothing was stolen. The vehicle was parked in the 5800 block of Victor.

March 30             A vehicle parked in the 5800 block of Reiger had its right front window broken and items were stolen (GPS, Stereo, IPOD).
March 22             A vehicle parked in the 200 block of August had its right front window broken and headphones and $80. in cash was stolen.
March 18             A vehicle parked in the 5500 block of Columbia had its  window was broken with a rock wrapped in a plastic bag.  There was nothing taken from the vehicle.
March 11             A vehicle parked in the 5500 block of Columbia had property stolen from it.
March 9                A vehicle parked in the 5300 block of Junius was stolen.
March 7                An unidentified  suspect damaged  the passenger side mirror in a vehicle parked in the 5500 block of Columbia.
March 7                An unidentified suspect stole items from a locked vehicle parked in the 5400 block of Columbia.
March 7                A legitimate license plate was found attached to a stolen vehicle parked in the 500 block of  Henderson.  Stolen property was also found in the vehicle.
March 3                A vehicle parked in the 200 block of Henderson had its front window broken and a Panasonic faceplate and speaker combo were stolen.

         Burglaries of Residences
March 7                An unidentified suspect stole items from a vehicle parked in an attached gargage in the 5400 block of Columbia.

March 6                The back door was forced open of a residence located in the 4700 block of Worth Street (Munger Place) and items were stolen.
March 6                A house in the 700 block of Dumont Street was burglarized.

                Violence towards Individuals

March 19             A victim was assaulted in 5500 block  Reiger Ave.
March 16             A suspect described as a while male in his 20s, approx 6 feet tall with blond hair, wearing a red shirt, white shorts, and white shoes, grabbed property from a victim on Glasglow and ran west from the location.
March 9                An unidentified suspect robbed a victim  in the 5300 block of Columbia
March 7                A suspect threatened to kill an individual in the 5500 block of Columbia.  The suspect was arrested.

April 8                   A unidentified suspect entered a residence in the 5400 block of Worth and stole a pizza.                                              

April 1                   Copper was stolen from AC units on top of building in the 6300 block of Gaston.  Eight units located on the roof of the Lakewood Shopping Center also had their copper stolen.
March 31              Copper was stolen from the AC on top of a building in the 1900 block of Abrams.


CPC Hearing on Paulus Re-zoning April 19

The zoning case on Paulus will be heard by the Central Plan Commission on Thursday, April 19 at City Hall.  The applicant’s request is two fold:  re-platt two smaller lots into one larger and  build an above-grade parking garage.  The city of Dallas, the surrounding neighborhood, and the Junius Heights Board of Directors are opposing the request.  Paulus Avenue is part of the Lakewood Shopping Center Planned Development Distirct and Paulus was designed to be a transitional zone between the heavier density of Lakewood and the residential neighborhood.  The hearing will begin at 1:00 in the city council chambers.

Save the Date:  Junius Heights Spring Fling April 28

The Junius Heights Spring Fling will be held on Saturday, April 28, from 2-5 at the corner of Fulton and Worth. Admission is the price of membership in the Junius Heights Historic District–a bargin at $20.00 per household!  We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Fling.

Lipscomb Carnival May 4

The William Lipscomb PTA and the Swiss Avenue Historic District present a day of fun for the East Dallas community on May 4, 2012 from 4-8 pm! Please come join us for music, giant slides, mini golf, games, and great food. Admission is free, and tickets buy games and food. All proceeds support Lipscomb Elementary, the neighborhood school for the Swiss Avenue, Munger Place, and Junius Heightsneighborhoods. 5801 Worth Street. Contact rachel_franz@hotmail.com for more information.

Junius Heights Newletter for Jan/ Feb 2012

Here is my New Years wish to each of you, my dear neighbors: As we bid our adieu to 2011, and ring in 2012, may this New Year bring us, every one, prosperity, clarity, joys both grand and small, humour, compassion and grace. There is no better state of being than to embrace who we are, as individuals, and empower our best selves. There is no greater joy than to extend our best out to each other, out to the world and shine that light into everything we do. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Life Takes VISA – 2010 ended for me with a bang on my finances and my husband STILL looking for work. I was very happy I saved so much and very sad it is all gone now. ? Saving and living within ones means can really be a mortgage or car payment saver at times. All things are mutable in this life. So if you’ve hit a downswing, you can just as easily have an upswing around the corner. And nobody really wants to hear you complain anyway so why not plaster that smile on and enjoy the small joys you can indulge in each day; a cup of tea (or scotch) a book (some of us don’t have Kindle) take in a view, a comfy chair and chillax. If you happen to be on an upswing, kindly remember to support your CRIME WATCH. We rely on regularly donated funding to support off duty patrolling by senior police officers. Just do what you can.

The ONE BLOCK AT A TIME CAMPAIGN and how you can help!
Our distribution is limited to a few volunteers who have graciously agreed to pass out this newsletter, and anyone who happens to trust us with their email (no we don’t spam or share it). As we don’t have enough block captains to distribute to the entire neighborhood, many neighbors forget we are here. IF you are reading this, please talk to your neighbors and share this message. Additionally, if you would like to volunteer to pass the newsletter out on your block, email us please!

Who’s getting the newsletter today: Dumont and Dumas. 5200, 5300, 5400, 5500 Junius, 700 Parkmont, 5400, 5500 & 5600 Tremont, 5800 & 5900 Victor, Glendale and Huntley between Junius and Gaston, Beacon between Gaston and Junius and the homes on Junius between Beacon and Glendale, Library block on Worth St.

Who resides here? There are about 800 homes and businesses within the JH area. Less than 20% contribute currently.

Who IS JHCW? We are a nonprofit group made up of a handful of volunteers, concentrating our efforts to reduce crime, and raise awareness and safety. Our focus is on raising cash to fund off duty patrolling with officers who know our area, make arrests and drive out the bad element.

JHCW April/ May Newsletter

If you would like to receive our newsletters via email, let us know, as distribution is limited.

WHO IS JHCW? Our efforts are all to reduce crime, raise safety and property values. When we bought our home over a decade ago, there was a lot of vandalism, car theft, etc, right on our block where I had just paid shy of 200k and was freaking out about the crime. We are here to raise awareness of the crime element in our area and annihilate it!

We throw money at the problem by raising cash to fund off duty patrolling of senior police officers. This is our primary weapon. These officers know our area, can and do, make arrests during their shifts. These added shifts are vital to create the police presence and reduce the crime.

Next, we challenge folks to take their dogs and walk their streets and alleys. Report any suspicious activities to the police. This is something you can do every day on your own schedule.

We are still in need of VIPs, for our voluntary civilian patrols. Please email if interested.

We can all be a part of crime reduction by paying attention to our surroundings and reporting on anything or anyone that appears suspicious. Get to know your neighbors. Stop and ask questions or take a picture of anyone who appears suspicious.

Make this year one of reduced crime by remaining vigilant of your surroundings, reporting any unusual or suspicious activities to 911 (asking for the expediter unit) and by contributing to the watch. Hide & secure valuables and partner with your neighbors to look out for each other when at work or on vacation. If you can work from home or are in a position to vary your schedule, do so as much as you can and coordinate with a neighbor if possible. Thieves typically scout for the easiest target. A neighborhood where folks are watching and reporting on something strange next door or across the street makes it more of a challenge.

We rely on neighborhood contributions to pay for these patrols, which involves an hourly rate for the patrol car and the officer scheduled. If you are not yet a member, please consider supporting us today.

There are several wonderful classes currently being held by the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, from youth to senior classes, and from fitness to dog training. Heidi Hulin, is the Program Coordinator. , Classes are held at Exall Park & Recreation Center. For more info: heidi.hulin@dallascityhall.com

Where ever this particular day has placed you, I hope it brings you to a place of much joy, and a time of living slower, celebrating the outdoors, your neighbors and loving where you live.

Write or make payments to: PO BOX 140283 DALLAS TX 75214
Email: jhcrimewatch@aol.com; Web: http://jhcw.bbnow.org/
Please sign up your Safeway-Tom Thumb Rewards Card. Our number is 9577.
Make checks out to JHCW & mail to the PO Box above. The suggested donation is $30.00 per month/$360 annually, but whether you pay $10.00 monthly or $500 annually, we appreciate, and can really use, the support. Thank you.